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Why the James hate? Because I, honestly, thinks he doesn't give a two bit shit about the history of DOOL or the show period. And it pisses me off that its being ruined for a guy who basically was like 'who cares' when all the vets got fired. If I'm going to be forced to love/hate someone at least make it someone worth carrying about it.

I also think he talks out of his butt about characters. Like when he gave that interview explaining Stephano (a newbie character explaing Stephano... WTF!?).

And not even Melanie has had as many vets rewritten to pimp her. When you think about it, she's not even spent that much time with vets in her storyline.

For EJ, they've had everyone except Alice (who I'm sure if she had been healthy at the time, they would have had her make donuts for the nice gentleman :eyeroll: ) pimp this guy.

People think its fans have a love/hate relationship with EJ Dimera. No. There was a love/hate relationship with GL's Roger Thorpe or DOOL's Stephano. Sometimes you loved them. Sometimes you hated them.

But I generally have come to hate EJ and the way he's sucking up all the air on Days.
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