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James is so full of it. How many times is he going to say I don't know, to be honest? Please! He knows what's going down. You can bet your house on it. He used to hint all the time he knew what is happening. Stay tuned you're going to like what you see! It must not be good for EJAMI if he keeps pretending to have no more information than a lowly crack whore on the street. Now he's pretending he doesn't know what his scenes with Arianna mean. I don't know what they mean, but trust me, he sure does. Now he's playing dumb. Just say, you can't say! He keeps saying he doesn't know because he knows there's going to be fallout and he doesn't want to deal.

He sounds like he's reading the script from EJAMI fan site word for word. He has all the talking points memorized. He sounds like he's afraid for his life or his job. LMAO! Honestly how much free money and free goodies do some fans send this guy?
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