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EJ standing around telling the glittery one how beautiful she is? While she looks like a dirty wash rag? :puke: How is this using James in the best way they can? A prop for Miss Piggy? He might as well be one of those Chatty Kathy dolls where you pull their strings. I can not and will not believe this is what James wants. Not the guy who said he wants to be challenged by other actors like Joe and Ari. He is biding his time til he gets away from the succubus. I think James knows what is going down. He cant tell everything but in the past he at least trying to give Ejami fans hope. He isnt doing that. he knows it isnt going to be good and doesnt want to upset Ejami fans. I get that to a certain extent. What's he gonna say hey guys Ejami is doooooooooomed? :lol:
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