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Viewing Single Post From: Soaps.com interview with James Scott
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Some people are alive only because itís illegal to kill them.

Apr 21 2010, 06:40 PM
Apr 21 2010, 06:08 PM
He sounds like he's reading the script from EJAMI fan site word for word. He has all the talking points memorized. He sounds like he's afraid for his life or his job. LMAO!
LMFAO! I thought that too, especially with the "cut from the same cloth" bullshit that he said. EJ is cut from the same cloth as half the people in Salem....the stupid cloth.

If JS truly likes what EJ is when he is with Sami, I must attribute that job security with NBC's golden girl. For awhile there, he was suave, sexy, bold, and in control. Now he is just reactionary. It's sad how far he has fallen.

And sometimes I believe it when JS says that he doesn't own a tv...he has no clue how bad this shit has gotten.
I don't think he said he likes how he is w/Sami, I think he said he likes the possibility of what could be.
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