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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Apr 23 2010, 08:58 AM
I don't watch WWHL for the simple fact that I really can't stand Andy Cohen. He is just horrible at interviewing and not to mention the reunions and I wish they would get someone else to do. However, since he seems to be running the show, literally, that ain't gonna happen. All that being said, I wished I had watched because Review gate is off the chain. I would hazard a guess that that discussion is what shut down TWOP on Wednesday. I miss reading all the snark and comments on that board the day after the show airs.
Andy Cohen is a bit much. I personally enjoy him but I can see why others don't. But if you get a chance to catch the repeat of WWHL it's worth it. Bethenny looks so weird pregnant, but there were also random moments where NPH and Mark Consuelos showed up during the taping and were brought out on camera. I think Amazon-gate is 100 percent why they shut down the board. TWOP can be good for snark from time to time, but the micro-managing of the discussions by the mods there take a lot of the fun out of it. I don't know if you have ever posted at Sucks (survivorsucks.com) but they mostly satisfy my RHONYC snarking needs AND they were on top of the Amazon-gate scandal from the get-go.


I am torn between Jill vs. Bethanny. I am not on either ones side really. They are both sorta heinous in their own way, it is just that Bethanny has a better TV personality, is more self aware and media savvy unlike Jill who is like a bull in a china shop and none to bright to boot. I have never been on Team Jill because I always saw her for what she was from Season 1 - a materialistic, petty, score keeping busy body with way too much time on her hands. That scene in Season 1 when Bobby took her to a restaurant for their anniversary and gave her a gag gift of lingerie, which wasn't the watch she told him to get for told me all I needed to know, which was again later reaffirmed when Bobby gave her a car for her B-Day in Season 2 to which she started bitching and whining about because it didn't appear to be compatible with her I-phone. Bitch!

Jill was materialistic in prior seasons and that was unfortunate, but it seemed like either in terms of how she was acting or in terms of the editing she was just less nasty in general than she has been this year. I don't know if it's a symptom of her fight with Bethenny and/or spending all her time with the countess that she suddenly thinks she's too good for the other housewives or she always felt that way and this year it's just coming out more (I'm thinking of the cattyness toward Ramona and Alex at the Brooklyn Fashion Show, for example) or maybe having B around as a sidekick to add levity took a lot of edge off her nastiness?


Bethanny with her fast talking, 90s catch phrases and acerbic tongue can be very, very trying. Rumor does have it that she is getting a wedding special and then getting her own show. Alex and Simon are rumored to be the Fred & Ethel to her and her new hubby's Ricky & Lucy. In other words, Silex are leaving the RHONY and going to follow Beth to her new show.

I think the new show and Beth's growing success is the crux of the problem between Beth and Jill, not Bobby's illness. Jill is pea green with envy. It does sadden me because I think a Jill/Beth show would be great. I can't see myself tuning in to see Beth and Jason call each other baby, have and raise a baby and interact with Silex. Just no.

I enjoy B's talking/commentary style but I am not 100 percent on Team B because Kelly (I can't believe I'm saying this!) had a good point when B was bitching about Jill trying to freeze her out with the other housewives yet B did practically the same thing to Kelly the previous season. Also a lot of the things she throws at Jill about press-mongering and what have you apply to B as well. I'll tune in to her new show at the start to check it out but I agree it will be hard to see how Beth, Jason and Silex bring all that much drama.


This episode was a bit of a snooze but I still like it. We own a duplex loft condo downtown and even I get shocked at the rent something like that can command so it was fun seeing the Countess come downtown and check out the rentals available. I am curious as to why she just doesn't buy though. I even like the scene with Jill on the bed with her sister, who I like and that dragon of a mother of hers was even tolerable although WTF did Gloria mean by wearing crinoline on Christmas with regards to wedding dresses. Was that a senior moment? Nice moment between crazy eyes and her daughter. The scenes of Ginger shitting all over the living room because the vet was there I really didn't need to see.

LOL. Ramona's eyes were so freaky in that talk when she was pressuring her daughter with her crazy stare to get her to be her bride's maid. And maybe Luann had a prenup so all she got is their house in the Hamptons and child support in the divorce?


I am really kinda liking the new addition Sonja. She just seems really self possessed and owns who she is. I think she would be so much more attractive if she fixed her teeth. Luann is so naturally pretty and elegant and I find everything she wears so tasteful and suited to her frame. If she would dropped the pretension with the countess bullshit, the subtle digs, let her hair down and call herself LuLu she would be may favorite.

Sonja adds a vixen to the mix of the NYC housewives and it's definitely something sorely needed. I think she also could be a great OC Tamra-style bitch. I don't know if Luann and Kelly just like to pretend they are so sexless because they have kids on the show or because they are prudes, but it kind of makes them boring to me.
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