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I don't know if you have ever posted at Sucks (survivorsucks.com) but they mostly satisfy my RHONYC snarking needs AND they were on top of the Amazon-gate scandal from the get-go.
I have never heard of that site. Thanks, I am going to check it out. I am dying for some good old fashion snark right now.
I don't know if Luann and Kelly just like to pretend they are so sexless because they have kids on the show or because they are prudes, but it kind of makes them boring to me.
True. I've actually seen Kelly out and about for years at various places and she really is a space cadet. She is one of those bubble people. An attractive person who has gotten whatever they want in life. Thus, she lives in a bubble, protected from harsh reality and the horrors of the world. She's harmless but can be frustratingly stupid and vapid at times. She remembers my husband, but always draws a blank with me, so yeah.... :blink:

Luann plays sexless on TV but I know, know, know that Luann has been hoeing it up for years - while married. Maybe hoeing is a little harsh, but the part she is playing as the faithful wife blind-sided by husband's infidelity isn't ringing true. I can't say whether her and her former husband had an open marriage or not, but I personally know of 2 dudes she has been with. One a really handsome young (at the time) former Euro model who I used to work with back in my heyday, the other a financial "workout" specialist for a big time Wall Street firm. I still kinda dig the countess, I just wish she would drop the act.
I don't know if it's a symptom of her fight with Bethenny and/or spending all her time with the countess that she suddenly thinks she's too good for the other housewives or she always felt that way and this year it's just coming out more (I'm thinking of the cattyness toward Ramona and Alex at the Brooklyn Fashion Show, for example) or maybe having B around as a sidekick to add levity took a lot of edge off her nastiness?
IMHO, I think it is the latter.
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