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Apr 23 2010, 10:13 AM
Apr 23 2010, 10:11 AM
Unless he's going to be a full time addition, why?????
Agree. Days is known for making lame excuses for every character in the world who can't be somewhere. People have missed their brothers'/sisters'/parents'/children's weddings and funerals and everything in between. Days has killed off characters like Mickey (whose portrayer is still alive!) without a second thought. But now they do a one-time recast??
But how often does the matriarch of the show die? This HAD to happen.

It's not like Bill is Tommy (although I wish they would acknowledge him too but it's been years and they didn't even mention him at Tom's funeral so you probably can just leave it be). Bill has been kept present by Jennifer and Lucas over the years. You always heard mentions of him whether Lucas was going to Africa to see him or (when Jen was on the show) he was calling her or sending her and Abby stuff.

He's Alice's son and he should be there. I wish they would bring some others in too like Marlena, Shawn, and Wayne's Roman too but I will give the show props for what it has done. They've covered most of the casting bases.

it's funny that even when Days does something right some have to question or bash. How can a decision like this be bashed? It boggles my mind. They want Bill Horton present, as it should be. Just because they've made excuses in the past doesn't man you do it now and you definitely don't do it in this instance when it's a tribute for Frances Reid. Days needs to as much as possible. If not, then it would be a travesty.

Anyway, not a big fan of John Martin (Tomlin clearly knew him from Sunset so he turned to a friend to step in) but he's not horrible and I don't think the age really matters. He looked about 60 the last time I seen him in anything so he can easily look much older now. They probably wouldn't be able to get big names like Jerry Douglas for this but, as long as the character is there, I'm good. I just hope they use as many flashbacks as possible, regardless of all the recasts.
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