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Viewing Single Post From: Days recasts Bill Horton for Frances Reid tribute

Apr 23 2010, 11:44 AM
it's funny that even when Days does something right some have to question or bash. How can a decision like this be bashed? It boggles my mind. They want Bill Horton present, as it should be. Just because they've made excuses in the past doesn't man you do it now and you definitely don't do it in this instance when it's a tribute for Frances Reid. Days needs to as much as possible. If not, then it would be a travesty.
Viewers won't identify with the character as Bill, it's poor casting in the first place, and my point in bringing up the past was to show that it doesn't even need to be done. Days has had emotional weddings/funerals/whatever without recasting. I don't see how a token recast like this will help at all. It's a tribute to Frances to do a one-time recast? I'll be honest: they must have known Frances was quite ill when they made the decision to kill off John Clarke's character. Did they care then? Do they care that they're not bringing back the other characters you mention? As BillyJill mentions, did they now prevent themselves from doing any flashbacks? I have a hard time crediting them for making a decision like this, and I'm sorry, I don't think it was motivated by the desire to honor Frances. I think this is a careless, quick decision just like all the others.
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