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Halloween Family
Apr 23 2010, 08:02 PM
That's what I had hoped would have happened for Sami and EJ when she entered witness protection. I was looking forward to them growing as characters apart. However, I don't know if viewers would want to see the characters essentially doing nothing, meaning no reveal, no major story arc. I would have loved it, as a Seinfeld fan--a show about nothing.
Well, personally, I find this snoozy ass triangle ten times more boring than characters sitting around "doing nothing," but who says Sami would be doing nothing? There are plenty of interesting things she could do without constantly running back and forth from man to man.

And honestly, even if Sami DID sit around doing nothing, I would welcome that as well. She NEEDS a little time on the backburner. Give us a chance to miss her, and then after the character has rested for a while, bring her back and re-establish her as the bitch she was always intended to be. I want to be re-introduced to the real Sami Brady.
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