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I don't know why some people are so set and firm that John Clarke would have returned to shoot a few episodes for Alice's memorial if they didn't kill off Mickey. In the SOD article about the memorial for Frances Reid, it said that Suzanne read a statement from John who did not attend.

I read on some board over a year ago at least, of a poster who had happened to run into John and his wife. They commented that he had had a stroke, didn't walk well even with use of a cane and had some speech problems.

I like that they are going to have the presence of Bill there. Obviously they can't please everyone some are going to think Bill should be there, some are going to think if none of the principle Bill portrayers could be used none should. I happen to think more people will appreciate the effort to have Bill accounted for than not.

And just because we have other people in roles doesn't mean we can't have flashbacks with other people in those roles. Ed Mallory hadn't been Bill for 30 years, save a few episodes in '91 and '92. So what if the character looks a little different. He's also suppose to be 30-45 years younger in these flashbacks as well.

I remember when AW had their celebration of Victoria Wyndhams 25th Anniversary as Rachel. Even though there was a current Amanda and Matt (her children) on the show, (Jamie had been off the show a few years) they had flashbacks of every incarnation of Matt, Amanda, and Jamie. There was the Red head Amanda, Brunette Amanda, Blonde Amanda mulitple child Amandas, 3 or 4 Matt's, countless Jamie's.

And really this celebration of Alice's life, is for the long time fans NOT new fans. New Fans probably don't even know anything about Alice, except for the few mentions of her that pop up every so often. She hasn't been seen since 2007. That's 3 years now. And even in the few years before that, she was only seen sporatically. So it's not like 'newer' fans have a great connection to her. To them she's just Hope's unseen Grand, Maggie's unseen mother in law.

This is for the longtime fans so, who's face is in the flashbacks doesn't matter because the longtime fans know who's who and what's what. And they would appreciate that the show doesn't insult their intelligence by thinking they're to easily confused at the thought of more than one person playing a role.

And for those newer fans, it will be a good history lesson for them. They will be able to tell from the reactions of all their current favorites, the inflood of former characters, and the distress and sadness of everyone that Alice Horton meant a great deal to the characters and the show. Maybe I'm different but when I first started watching, I used to love seeing old flashbacks and learning about the history and characters of the shows years gone by.
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