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Okay, I finished the week. It was boring although Johnny was funny.

I went against everything I believe in and rewatched only the EJAMI scenes on Friday, because...I think we're in for some (more) major inconsistencies regarding EJAMI and SAFE. Sami's attitude with EJ about moving in and her attitude with Rafe completely changed. That's not completely surprising, but the motivations seemed different. She seemed more like old Sami with Rafe, and she was just trying to stick it to him by even letting him think that she was considering it. She wasn't even truly considering it until EJ left and Rafe laughed the idea off. I would think that her moving into the mansion was more about trying to get under Rafe's skin, and maybe get him to be her rescuer or something, but...then we have next week, and I just doubt that's how it will actually go. But the foundation for it being mostly about SAFE is there. Such bad writing.

I'm liking the Hope stuff. I wish it made a little more sense, but it's enjoyable enough to make up for what doesn't make sense right now. She really seemed to enjoy knocking out EJ. Dream big, Nighttime Hope. If you can enjoy knocking him out, you could enjoy doing other things to and with him so much more. Why on earth would Dr. Baker come back to Salem if he's afraid of people seeing him?

I had a hard time paying attention to the Daniel/Carly/Philip/Chloe/Melanie/Nathan stuff. But Philip looked creepy looking in the window at them kissing. What happened to the real Philip? The one who would have busted that door and pinned Nathan to the refrigerator.

Oh, so Johnny and Allie haven't been apart much? Really? Okay.

There have been more extras than usual lately, haven't there?
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