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Brady is the next victim of Hope and Dr.Baker when he is attacked in the park. "Brady is the first person who's mugged that's branded, " explains Kristian. "She leaves him with a celtic symbol, which represents the goddess of female empowerment, Brigid." After, Dr.Baker takes Brady's money clip and Hope goes home, she takes a pill and falls asleep.

When Hope wakes up the next morning, she finds her makeup out and in disarray. She questions Ciara about it. Kristian says, "The makeup is all over the floor because when nighttime Hope had come in the night before, she hit it by accident and it fell. But daytime Hope has no recollection of it."

Hope gets a call about Brady's mugging and heads to the station. She runs into Victor there and he wants he off the case. "Victor doesn't think she's suitable. I think he would rather have a man on the case," notes Kristian. "Hope is insulted. She's feels like she's not doing enough and has to do more." Roman shows Hope the symbol found on Brady, and she recognizes it. Kristian says, "When she and Bo were in Ireland with his father, they were at a store and she saw that exact same symbol on a necklace. She realizes that the mugger could possibly be a woman."
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