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Apr 28 2010, 02:07 AM
Apr 28 2010, 02:02 AM
Brigid, the goddess of female empowerment? LMAO! This storyline is SO camp and I love it!
It is seriously camp. I mean if they're bringing goddesses of female empowerment into this are we gonna have Nighttime Hope practicing pagan/Wiccan rituals soon?
Who the fuck knows. I can barely contain myself reading about this shit, yet I can't get enough of watching it either! It's 'camp' enough...like how DAYS 'used' to be (kind of.. I'm hesitant to make that statement since the sl has been going on all of 5 minutes).

It's entertaining, but with this dual-personality, pill popping stuff, it could go off the rails and fast. I'm honestly not sure how they can deal with the fall out of this s/l - Hope having done crimes but under some sort of influence (pills?) - in a non-lame way, I guess.
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