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dc cubs
Apr 29 2010, 06:51 PM
Jason, thanks for the sneak peek. Looks like we get some family bonding time for the Hortons and Bradys. I'm really looking forward to these episodes.

ETA: It doesn't appear there is any type of church service. There are scenes at the Horton and Brady houses and then off to the cemetery.

I love that there appear to be a lot of flashbacks.
I noticed no church service either, which I guess is no big deal. Tom's service was in the hospital chapel and I remember someone pointing out to me (and I always tend to forget this detail) when I was writing a Christmas Eve episode for a fan fiction how the Horton's being in church for mass was weird because they weren't Catholic. Maybe they have the gathering celebrating her life at the house and then go on to the cemetery. Regardless, alot of time is spent at that cemetery so that has to be where the service takes place. I'm ok with that. I've been to a service that was merely at a cemetery.

We will be getting LOADS of flashbacks and the thing is this is just for her memorial episodes. We know people visit her as she passes away so we will probably get more then. Looking at the dates of the flashbacks, Days really dug deep. I'm shocked they went that far back. I thought they may just stay in the 80's and 90's and MAYBE throw one or two 70's ones in there with her, Tom, Doug, and Julie. Days really is going all out and devoting alot of time to this.

I love all the family bonding too. Carrie/Sami scenes should be good. I hate that Sami doesn't go to the cemetery.

Also, where is Mike? He doesn't seem to appear anywhere until June 25 and he's in one scene with a nurse. I guess we know why he wasn't in the group picture but why the hell is he not at the cemetery?
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