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Viewing Single Post From: "Days" Says Goodbye to Alice Horton: A Sneak Peek
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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Apr 29 2010, 07:44 PM
Apr 29 2010, 07:39 PM
Apr 29 2010, 07:15 PM

No funeral at the church? Lame.
Yeah that's my only disappointment. They could had gotten a lot of emotional stuff from that. At least everything else going to be promising.

Thanks Jason!
What difference does it make if it's in a church (especially since it seems the Horton's aren't Catholic)? Many people have outdoor funerals or funerals in the cemetery. As long as there is a service or memorial of some kind, which there clearly is, that is all that matters. Tom's was in a hospital chapel.

Now, if it ends up like Mickey's, then that would be horrible.
Where do you get that the Hortons weren't Catholic?

I can't find the clip itself outside of this montage, but it looks like Tom and Alice may have renewed their vows at a service officiated by a priest at St. Luke's when they got remarried. See 1:05.

Regardless, whether it's a service at St. Luke's or just something at the hospital chapel there SHOULD BE footage at a church for this.

It's also ridiculous that Mike doesn't appear much at all it seems and that Shane and Rafe being on a plane together takes up almost two whole episodes.

Bummed that we won't get any Anna/Carrie. :(

That said...
Looking forward to Carrie/Sami and Carrie/Sami/Roman
Ditto Shane/Kimberly
Ditto Bill/Kate
Ditto Adrienne/Justin/Kayla
Ditto Bo/Roman/Kayla/Kimberly
Ditto Kate/Lucas/Will
Ditto Hope/Jennifer
Ditto Maggie/Marie/Melissa/Nathan
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