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Apr 29 2010, 09:03 PM
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What difference does it make if it's in a church (especially since it seems the Horton's aren't Catholic)? Many people have outdoor funerals or funerals in the cemetery. As long as there is a service or memorial of some kind, which there clearly is, that is all that matters. Tom's was in a hospital chapel.

Now, if it ends up like Mickey's, then that would be horrible.
Where do you get that the Hortons weren't Catholic?

I can't find the clip itself outside of this montage, but it looks like Tom and Alice may have renewed their vows at a service officiated by a priest at St. Luke's when they got remarried. See 1:05.

Regardless, whether it's a service at St. Luke's or just something at the hospital chapel there SHOULD BE footage at a church for this.

It's also ridiculous that Mike doesn't appear much at all it seems and that Shane and Rafe being on a plane together takes up almost two whole episodes.

Bummed that we won't get any Anna/Carrie. :(

That said...
Looking forward to Carrie/Sami and Carrie/Sami/Roman
Ditto Shane/Kimberly
Ditto Bill/Kate
Ditto Adrienne/Justin/Kayla
Ditto Bo/Roman/Kayla/Kimberly
Ditto Kate/Lucas/Will
Ditto Hope/Jennifer
Ditto Maggie/Marie/Melissa/Nathan
Honestly, I don't know LOL.

I've been told on the boards various times and even had someone comment in my old fan fiction at SON that the Horton's aren't Catholic (I had written a Christmas Eve episode taking place at St. Luke's). Actually, I think it was Drew Hamilton that made the comment and I remember doing some research and agreeing with him.

There doesn't have to be anything done at a church. There just needs to be a service. I would be just as happy if they did it in the hospital chapel again like they did Tom's. Alice and Tom gave so much to the hospital anyway. An outdoor service in the cemetery is just fine and something many people do. At least the memorial gets alot of focus and we seem to be getting alot of reminiscing between various people (and this just the memorial...we will definitely get more as she passes away).

I also don't mind the Shane/Rafe thing because, judging by the info (and also MBE's video posted earlier where CS was being instructed to look toward someone when Hope moves or something along those lines), it seems Shane shows up during the service and we will get a pretty good emotional moment as he and Kim come face to face. That has to be who they were telling him to look at. That could be a pretty heavy moment so whatever sets that up is fine by me.
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