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Loving all the interactions. Seems they're playing the right beats. I WILL be upset if Carrie and Sami act lovingly towards one another. They better remember the two aren't close. I know they'll probably bond in grief but I hope to see at least some tension between them, but I'm worried because they've diluted Sami so much with rarely a mention of her trecherous past.

I like that they're devoting time to Kim and Shane. I think they deserve a longer reunion, but who knows when or if there will ever be another opportunity, so I'll take it.

VERY weird that Mike is not really a part of anything. I don't get it? Was Roark just not available for anything but a brief cameo and so they have a throwaway scene where he deals with the death on his own at some random hospital? I find it strange. Hope we get some explanation.

I'm sad we won't get a Carrie/Anna scene because Leann wasn't taping at the time. Oh well.

LOVE all the flashbacks! I'm really glad that the tribute week really is jsut the tribute week with maybe a few scenes of the current storylines thrown in.
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