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Apr 29 2010, 09:31 PM
Another reason I call shenanigans on no funeral service for Alice:

Alice's funeral in 2004 was at St. Luke's!

It just seems like DAYS being silly with these funerals when we didn't have a church set for Mickey's funeral either. I don't get it. We had a funeral at a church for a baby who had only been alive for a few months and wasn't related to the main families on this show, but they couldn't give us a church service for the matriarch of DAYS of our LIVES?
Well, JER would never have it anywhere else given how strongly he held to his beliefs and how often those beliefs influenced his storytelling. I'm sure some may argue they didn't like that.

Mickey's was a mess but not because of having no service in the church. We got no service at all and it was all tied up in one episode. Given what they did with the returns for Alice's, there was no reason not to bring some more people back for his. I get Frances really passed away and John Clarke didn't but still. Mickey was an original character. He deserved better.

Personally, I could care less. They could have it in an alley for all I care LOL. Just as long as the right characters speak and we get a ton of flashbacks, it should be satisfying for the most part.
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