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Apr 28 2010, 10:45 AM
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I'm just saying she was just in a relationship with Rafe and pining for him to EJ about 1-2 weeks ago and Sami was showing no signs of wanting to rekindle a romance with EJ up until today's eppy...... and now we have another one coming up on the horizon without much evidence on screen of a transition in their relationship on Sami's part......
And EJ was showing no signs of wanting to rekindle a romance with her either, until a few days ago (soap time) when he was served a big epiphany that the opposite of Love is not Hate but Indifference, to which, EJ/Sami have never been "indifferent" to each other.

Up until then, EJ was practicing self-delusion that he was still playing with Sami "for revenge."

I think the point is that neither EJ or Sami were looking at each other in a romantic light until recently, nevertheless tptb set the build up to EJami in motion months ago, as soon as Sami lied to Rafe about the first ransom note and EJami "shared a secret" together. Then, he moves into her place as soon as Sydney is returned. Still there were no romantic overtones in their interactions, but friendly/family bonding moments for weeks. So I don't think it's accurate to say that the writers have not illustrated Ejami "getting closer" on the screen. IMO, they have. But it didn't turn romantic until EJ's Epiphany and now, Sami keep flashbacking to a kiss and another one may be on the way in a few weeks.

I think anyone who has not seen the build up to Ejami on the screen throughout the entire Sdynapping Plot AND since she was returned, probably were not really paying attention IMO.
I agree...and besides - Sami usually hides behind denial - I actually thought the more she tried to be with Rafe - the more she chased after him - the more is was evident that behind the scenes she was being drawn to EJ again. That's what Sami does when she is desperate. It's not a sudden romance - things have been going on between Sami and EJ since 2006 - so 4 years is not a sudden romance! LOL

Every time in the past couple of months that Sami went groveling to Rafe was right after a tender moment or exchange with EJ!
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