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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Sorry if I'm stepping on anyone's toes posting this, but just thought I'd add this summary to the spoilers...

Shelley Hennig talks about the different direction they are taking Stephanie in. She says Stephanie is upset with Melanie for taking Max, then Philip and now she's afraid she'll take Nathan away from her. She's enjoying playing Stephanie as more of a bad girl and thinks the show is happy with that direction too, but she tries to soften Stephanie with the vulnerability that "she can't help herself."

Stephanie realizes Philip and Melanie's marriage is in trouble when she sees him drinking and she's scared if they break up that Nathan will go after Melanie. She realizes the situation with Nathan's feelings for Melanie and Stephanie's way of dealing with it is doing what she can to make Nathan forget about her.

Stephanie on a whim throws out her birth control pills on the pier, then goes to have sex with Nathan. SH says she is not thinking about what raising a child would be like or what it would do to her and Nathan. "It's a desperate act."

Melanie finds Stephanie's birth control pills when a homeless woman comes into the hospital who brought the pills in with her and Melanie confronts Stephanie. Stephanie is caught off-guard but claims she just must've lost the pills and isn't up to anything. She doesn't think Melanie buys her explanation, but is prepared to come up with something else if need be.

Stephanie later meets up with Brady, who has been told by Melanie about the pills. Brady accuses her of trying to trap Nathan with a pregnancy, but Stephanie says Melanie is crazy for telling everyone this when she just lost them.

But Stephanie is afraid of what will happen if Melanie goes to Nathan with her accusations, although she plans to just play it off on Melanie and her not getting along.
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