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After all... tomorrow is another day!

SOW has this as the main article too.

The only real additional info is that apparently when Hope sees Baker wanting to leave that brings up a lot of her issues with vulnerability and loneliness since she and Bo broke up.

KA also talks about what playing Nighttime Hope is like -- hard work but a lot of fun.

"It definitely has been a challenge," she says. "This other character, Nighttime Hope, is completely different. It's not Princess Gina again. There are remnants of it, but not. Gina was a thief but she agreed [to steal artwork] because she was in love with John."

KA says she's not sure why Nighttime Hope is attacking men these men she knows, but she attributes it to unresolved issues from her breakup with Bo. "She never really dealt with it. She just pushed it down and tried to move on."

She says Nighttime Hope is not completely unaware of the real Hope. "Nighttime Hope is well aware of Hope and thinks she's a goody-two shoes. This other side of Hope is desperate and hard, yet you see her heart and vulnerability come through at certain times."

KA said she decided to develop a different look for Nighttime Hope to delineate between the personas. Nighttime Hope has the same hairstyle, wears dark clothing and always has the same bright fuschia lipstick Hope would not usually wear except to a real special event.

KA is enjoying working with John Callahan (Dr. Baker) because he brings a director-like sensibility to his work. "When we're working, he'll say, 'What do you think about this?' I'm always open to suggestions. I may not always agree, but I will always find something in what he says. It just gives it a different twist."
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