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"Even iron bends"..Victoria Rowell

Come on, folks!! I try to keep my mouth shut 99% of the time when people make ignorant or cruel comments, but enough is enough!!!! I respect the right we all have to freedom of speech, but let's demonstrate some class here!! Making fun of babies is tacky, wrong and should be off limits-----just like making fun of people with mental and physical disabilities!!! Goodness gracious, there seems to be very LITTLE some people won't say!! Let's have SOME standards, folks!! Please.

Congratulations, Michelle. May your baby remain healthy and happy, and may you both thrive together!!!!

Christian LeBlanc was the suspected sperm donor?? Not surprising. We all know that he's probably "same sex oriented," so this may have been one of the few opportunities he felt he would ever have to become a father. Good for him. He seems like such a funny, smart and well-rounded man. I wouldn't mind letting him be my "baby daddy" if I were a single woman!!!
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