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Viewing Single Post From: Michelle Stafford with her Daughter Natalia; Photo
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May 2 2010, 01:32 PM
May 2 2010, 01:30 PM
May 2 2010, 01:14 PM
:flipoff: I have a newfound disrespect for the posters that came on here & bashed the looks of an INFANT! Disgusting. Bash Michelle & Y&R all you want but taking that out on a little baby is completely distasteful. You want to make those posts- go over to TWOP or any of those boards where you can be as nasty as you want. Shame on all of you.

ETA: Just FYI- if I see this post quoted and argued......well.....I wouldn't recommend doing that is all I'll say.
As long as the baby isn't a member here it's allowed, no?
Okay, so.. I didn't get quite a good look at the baby before but now I see where most people are coming from..

The baby is pretty ugly, BUT.. theres alot of things in this world that are ugly on the outside but beautiful on the inside, right? LOL.

Besides, I'm sure she'll grow up to be just as beautiful as her mommy.
Also, at least from what I've seen, ugly babies normally end up growing into awkward features and become rather attractive adults. It's those unbelieveably pretty babies who end up being dogs from puberty on. Think about all those adorable child stars who simply have NOT aged well into adults.
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