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The Royal Stoner

As long as the baby isn't a member here it's allowed, no?

You're also allowed to piss in a trash can, eat out of the garbage, berate waitresses, and leave your dog's shit on other people's property. That doesn't make it civilized.

Is that a threat?

More like a promise. :)

Yep! :lol:

Reference what I said above. But whatever. Good taste & class can't be taught- if you don't have it, you just don't have it. :shame:

Then why are you waisting your time arguing this?? We're not insulting the baby, its simply ugly.

You're right- ugly would never be considered an insult. :rolleyes:

I don't get the big deal, an ugly baby is an ugly baby. It's not like the infant will hear or see the comments or ever remember being called ugly. Why should a babies looks be off limits? I don't find the baby ugly, just saying I don't see the big deal of calling an infant fug.

I would be glad to post a pic as well if need be.

Because the infant has no way of defending itself, unlike those on here that are so quick to judge the looks of a baby because they don't like it's mother.

Answer me this- what greater good does it serve to come on here & bash the looks of a baby? To impress the posters on this site with your hilarity? Seriously, what's the fucking point of coming on a message board to demean the looks of an innocent child? GET A FUCKING LIFE- go to the Game Nation forum if you want to up your post counts! Because that's the only good I can think of that would come from making a demeaning post like that.
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