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May 2 2010, 02:52 PM
As long as the baby isn't a member here it's allowed, no?

You're also allowed to piss in a trash can, eat out of the garbage, berate waitresses, and leave your dog's shit on other people's property. That doesn't make it civilized.

Is that a threat?

More like a promise. :)

Yep! :lol:

Reference what I said above. But whatever. Good taste & class can't be taught- if you don't have it, you just don't have it, which is why I'm not concerning myself with you. :shame:

Then why are you waisting your time arguing this?? We're not insulting the baby, its simply ugly.

You're right- ugly would never be considered an insult. :rolleyes: But truly, how can you even get into a debate about good taste with a Passions fan? :)

I don't get the big deal, an ugly baby is an ugly baby. It's not like the infant will hear or see the comments or ever remember being called ugly. Why should a babies looks be off limits? I don't find the baby ugly, just saying I don't see the big deal of calling an infant fug.

I would be glad to post a pic as well if need be.

Because the infant has no way of defending itself, unlike the uggos on here that are so quick to judge the looks of a baby because they don't like it's mother.

Answer me this- what greater good does it serve to come on here & bash the looks of a baby? To impress the posters on this site with your hilarity? Seriously, what's the fucking point of coming on a message board to demean the looks of an innocent child? GET A FUCKING LIFE- go to the Game Nation forum if you want to up your post counts! Because that's the only good I can think of that would come from making a demeaning post like that.
You are getting WAY to personal right now.. you have just insulted members on this site and I don't think thats aloud..

Yes I am a Passions fan and I am NOT embarrassed to admit that, but how does good taste have anything to do with an ugly baby is what i'd like to know? Its an ugly baby..fucking deal with it.
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