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May 3 2010, 03:25 AM
May 1 2010, 07:14 AM
Apr 30 2010, 10:11 AM
I agree I love them together, they are meant to be.
OK, phrases that should be outlawed in soap land:

"Meant to be"


"One true Love"

"My destiny"

All of the above are the whims of the writers (and the various preferences of the audience members. Personally, I think Sami is meant to be single and in the middle of the ocean on a dinghy somewhere at this point). But then again, if they do put them together, no more angst, and it's backburner city! :cheer:
Why should they be outlawed? If people want to express their views using such phrases, why shouldn't they? I though this was a free speech board. It's got nothing to do with the writers or their whims but merely an opinion of a poster's view, just like you're own.

I also think they're meant to be...............though I don't know how long for, this time around!
Why should they be outlawed? Maybe because those phrases are often served with a healthy dose of SPAM. That is JMO of course.

There are some useful ways to utlilize those phrases:

Meant to be...shipped off to Switzerland
Soulmates...just like a pair of stinky, moldy sneakers.
One true love...loving him is like loving herself.
Her destiny...because some people deserve a life of shit.
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