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Some people are alive only because itís illegal to kill them.

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I've always hoped for that because, to me, his character is flatter than parts of Indiana. While I hate him with Sami, I do happen to enjoy him when mixed with other characters and it would do well for GG to catch a story that isn't tied exclusively to Sweeney.
Or tied exclusively to Sami's babies.

I mean they brought in these siblings of his, yet he never has anything much to do with any of their stories. It's kind of weird to me. I mean sure they share throw away sounding board scenes, but Rafe really had almost nothing to do with Arianna's drug story, which to me was kind of odd given he's a law enforcement guy and he's been so dead set on doggedly pursuing the Sydnapper even after Sydney is home yet he doesn't want to find out who the big deal drug kingpin of Salem was that Troy was working for? Also Rafe doesn't have much to do with Arianna's romance with Brady so as to weigh in much on whether he thinks Brady is a good match for her when he has all this baggage with Nicole and I don't think that makes sense. Given how protective Rafe is about Sami's involvement with the DiMeras, you'd think Rafe would be a bit more protective about seeing his sister involved with a member of the notorious Kiriakis family/ex-drug addict, and somebody who was such a close confidant of Nicole and could wind up hurting his sister because of his closeness to Nicole.

I wonder if Rafe will help Arianna after she gets framed for the muggings at all.
I didn't may too much attention to those storylines, but now that I think about it-from what I saw, you're completely right! :thumbsup:
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