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Loved the premiere! New Jersey is definitely my favorite of the Housewives franchize. They just seem much more real than any of the other ladies. They're not putting on a show. Well, for some reason, I feel that Theresa tends to, but that could because she's my least favorite of the Jersey wives.

I'm glad Dina is taking the high road where it comes to Danielle for now. Based on the previews, it looks like Dina and Danielle are back to hating each other with Dina calling Danielle crazy and Danielle warning Dina to never ever call her crazy again.

Jacqueline continues to be my favorite housewife. Her daughter, Ashley, annoys the hell out of me.

I like Caroline, probably because of her family. I love her kids and how involved they are with the show. The Manzos are a real family on reality television. Nothing seems forced or fake for the cameras. Becuase of her family, I can tolerate Caroline. After what Danielle did, Caroline, who probably is always on guard and overprotective, has every reason to not trust Danielle.

Danielle tends to be eye-rolling worthy, but I still like her. I think it's the underdog factor. You always end up rooting for the underdog. That's Danielle. I did have to laugh at her and her "friend" Kim talking at the store and the Kim talking all that shit on Danielle at Caroline's party. Something tells me that we may have met our sixth New Jersey housewife. She appeared a lot in the previews, if I'm not mistaking.

Theresa and her bratty daughters annoy the hell out of me. Gia's comment about Jews shows what kind of people Theresa and Joe are. They're ignorant people, who will say anything in front of anyone, no matter how offensive it is. When children blurt things out like this, they are getting it from somewhere. Obviously, the parents. It's probably a sterotype field day in their house on the daily.
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