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Because I'm that bored I've been reading the NJ Housewives' blogs and DAMN Danielle isn't holding back.

A few tidbits:

For Teresa-

"Sometimes listening to your voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Just sayiní my personal opinion. I would love to talk all day about everything that is going on in your life like bankruptcy fraud ... yikes! Your husband drunk driving ... double yikes!"


"Jacqueline Ė why are you talking to your daughter about birth control now? I think it would have been more important when she told you she was giving BJís at the age of 17. I never once heard you voice one concern about birth control at that point."

Jacqueline again-

"I really felt bad that Ashley got thrown out of Catholic school. Iím so happy to hear she finally did graduate. Was that by a GED or with her graduating class? "

"You yourself say your husband is never home because he works all the time. Sweetie, get a hobby. So, you threw a thousand dollar a plate dinner? Was that for the sheriff, or was that for your good friend, Bernie Kerik, who is serving a four year sentence? Is what he did more important then what I did 25 years ago?"


"Sadly, Iím not going to take the blame for anything you do anymore. You forged your daughterís fathers name on a legal document and that is why you canít stand me. Because you know I wonít allow you to point the finger at me and take the blame."

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