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I'm just like snow... I get laid

Steve's daughters are doing great. Both have moved away so I don't get to see them much but do hear from them often.

Steve's son and I share an apartment together now. He is back in college and working. He went missing during the floods. We ended up finding him at a friend's house from college. They were stranded at his house. He had picked him up on the road when the car got stuck due to rising waters. They didn't have any phone or cell phone service. So it was from Saturday until Monday morning before we knew where he was at.

We have all just been busy around here trying to get people out and seeing who needs what and all. Everyone's doing okay. Just trying to wind up the last of the settling of Steve's estate and all. We finally got around a few months ago to scattering Steve's ashes where he wanted. It was a nice service and I go back quite often.

Still miss him.


As to Captain Video. It was very much serialized and very good. I remember Steve often getting upset with someone on the Internet about saying such and such weren't soap operas. Something about the guy having a whole board where he often said it. That is all I remember. Steve would go on and on about it at times. He loved his soap operas and would rant about many of the radio soaps being serials and stuff and something about it not having to do with New York or where it aired. Sorry can't remember all of it. As often as he ranted I should. LOL
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