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What is interesting is that on WWHL with Andy Cohen last night, Andy asked Caroline point blank if Danielle was telling the truth about the reason about the feud. Caroline said that no way would she get that angry over a friggin' phone number and that she wasn't saying what it was out of respect for Dina. You know what, at this point, the Manzos can kick fucking rocks. I am just irritated with all this hinting over "an act so heinous and vile that it can't be named." Either spill or STFU about. All this mystery off screen shit being pulled into the show but not explained makes this the most frustrating franchise for me.

Weird as this my sound when you have a person like Danielle on the show but I have to say that I dislike Caroline most on this particular franchise followed closely by Theresa who Darwinism forgot. Caroline is supposed to be the martriarch but she lacks the warmth and empathy to pull that off. Her cold blue shark eyes lighting up with glee over that bitch troll Kim's talking trash about Danielle was disgusting. I don't like Danielle and do think she is BSC but I just hate the pile on.

I don't understand the Dina Love. Andy seems to have a hard on for her too. She seems medicated and boring for the most part to me.

I know it is wrong, but Theresa's little girls bug the shit out of me, but the little one filling her little backpack with goodies in the pantry was one of the highlights of the show for me. I just hate their little "I'm too cute" ways which is probably mostly due to Theresa. Why does Theresa's home look like an empty convention center?

Anyone else see the commercial for Bethanny's new show Bethanny's Getting Married? Jill's head must be exploding. I will give it a try, but I don't know if I can take an hour of Bethanny. From the little I have seen it looks like a whole lot of TMI and diarrhea mouth. Way too much Bethanny.

Alex annoys me.
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