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May 7 2010, 09:40 AM
May 7 2010, 07:19 AM
Y&R has at least 5 women that should be Supporting this year instead of Hendrickson (Walton, Cast, MTS, Maitland & Haiduk) & that's just Supporting.

You're right though that Liz should have been nominated last year.

Case & Davidson should be the Lead nominations but they won't. :frownie:
Well Walton didn't submit her name, so that's why she's not on the ballot. I agree about Cast, Maitland, & MTS. But Haiduk? I'm sorry but she sucks IMO. Yeah, the writing didn't help but in the hands of a more capable & entertaining actress, that story could have at least been fun to watch. Just imagine if Robin Mattson were in the role. It would have been AMAZING!

I forgot about Eileen but you're absolutely right. The Lead pre-noms should have been Case & Davidson. The third slot could have been between Cooper & Stafford, though I'm more inclined to go with Cooper now after what I read in that other thread.
Davidson is overdue for a win.

She's been given horrible stuff since she returned but she's been knocking it out of the park.
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