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The Royal Stoner

May 7 2010, 04:01 PM
What kind of ADULT bashes a baby? You all must be miserable and INSECURE with your own looks cause that baby is gorgeous. Don't judge based off of one picture...come on now....I've seen 6 pics of her, she's not ugly. I sure would love to see pictures of all of you AND your children...then when can see who is REALLY ugly!

THANK YOU!!! Finally, someone with some sense!

Secondly, SC is not gonna win because, well, she SUCKS. She's one dimensional as a character, actress and person. I don't think MS will win either, CC probably will.

Sorry but she has proven time & again that she can bring it. She brought it when she confronted Nick in Phyliss's lingerie, she brought it when Cassie died, and she OWNED it when she was whoring around and went klepto. She deserves the nod and IMO is the dark horse for the win.
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