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"Even iron bends"..Victoria Rowell

Concerning acting prowess, I do feel that MS is an overall better actress than SC!! She's stronger and more powerful onscreen, in my opinion. Her character is also far more complex, and has been written with far more range and variety over the years. Phyllis has been a villainess, a heroine, a victim, a liar and gotten to run Christine Blair over with a car (a plus, in my opinion. Never liked that damned Cricket!!)...Who knows what Sharon Case could have done if her character had been written with more edge, and perhaps as a bad girl???

However, with that being said, Michelle also seems to be far more loud and overbearing than Sharon, and those qualities kind of take away from her wonderful acting ability, as far as I'm concerned. I'll take quiet and humble any day of the week over hamming it up for the cameras in order to get extra publicity and attention.
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