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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Other spoilers:

Cover for this issue is EJ busted but sounds like the Sydnapping bust is that Nicole will overhear Stefano and EJ talking about the Sydnapping but not Sami finding out. Nicole has a "trump card" and she has to decide when she wants to play it.

Also, Brady and Arianna break up and Brady finds out about Nicole's lying and Brady will have a "big character change" and take a dark turn.

Rafe will take "desperate measures" to try to solve the Sydnapping.

Vivian will take some action in response to Victor getting close to Maggie. It's under the heading of Victor/Vivian/Maggie/Caroline but there's no explanation of how Caroline is involved? Just Corday's promise "It will be a big story"

Chloe finds out she's pregnant and Carly for some reason knows this and announces this at Daniel and CHLOE's impromptu wedding. Philip is shocked because he thought Chloe couldn't get pregnant. Mel/Nathan apparently are supposed to have some reaction to this but Corday doesn't say what it is.

Alice passes away June 22.

Thank you http://www.twitter.com/Rogue_Ejami !!!

eta: UGH typos.
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