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SOD Summer Preview

"Huge secrets come out where EJ and Chloe are concerned and we have an adventure story with Hope, Bo and Dr. Baker that will come to a dramatic conclusion," previews Executive Producer Ken Corday.

Alice's Death: Familiar faces return to Salem to mourn Alice Horton after she passes away on June 22nd. "Having been there on the floor when they taped it, it was like time out of time. Some cast members never broke character between scenes; they kept in that grief. It's an amazing moment in the history of the show."
Really looking forward to this one. I hope they put something together worthy of Alice.

Bo/Hope/Dr. Baker: Hope reveals her plans to kill Bo. Dr. Baker is shocked. Bo learns the truth about Hope from Ciara and Theo. Bo and Hope will have a climatic confrontation and there's a very surprising turn in that. "It's not what you think."
The kids know everything in this town lol. Sounds pretty good.

EJ/Sami/Rafe/Nicole/Brady/Arianna: Brady and Arianna break up and Brady realizes that Nicole has deceived him. This is the beginning of a substantial character change for Brady and he takes a pretty dark turn. Nicole overhears EJ and Stefano talking and discovers the truth about Sydney's kidnapping. Everything will be in her hands. Nicole holds the trump card in this story, and deciding when and where to play it will be lots of fun. Meanwhile, Rafe doesn't give up and he takes desperate measures to uncover the truth. In the midst of all this, Fay returns.
Is there anyone who doesn't know the truth about Sydney's kidnapping? Nicole might make things a little more interesting, but I don't think she'll be enough to salvage this. Let's either get the truth out, or table it for awhile

I hope Brady going dark is a real change, and not a day long thing, like Stephanie's pill addiction, or non existent, like all the "_____ grow closer" spoilers that almost never play out. He has so much potential, but it's being wasted, and my interest is wearing thin. Brianna needs to be over for good.

Vivian/Victor/Maggie/Caroline: Victor and Maggie continue spending time together, which doesn't please Vivian in the least. Vivian decides to take action, which leads to a much bigger chapter down the road. This is the start of a very substantial story.
Save it, Vivian. You aren't going to do anything, and everyone knows it. What does Caroline have to do with all this? I wish she was actually in the body of the spoiler, instead of just the title. Magstor is so very random, but they bring out things in each other that you don't often see. I like them, and a love story with the older generation is a nice change.

Daniel/Chloe/Carly/Phillip/Melanie/Nathan/Stephanie: Chloe discovers that she's pregnant. Carly knows, too. Carly interrupts Chloe and Daniel's impromptu wedding ceremony and announces that the bride has a bun in the oven. Phillip freaks out -- he didn't think Chloe was able to get pregnant. However, the bigger story here is about Melanie and Nathan: Who will uncover the truth... and when?!
Aww, Chloe's getting a baby! :wub: I don't care who the father is. Love it, and that someone is finally going to bust up a big event with some news. That is so classic Days.

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