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I need to express my absolute delight that Nicole is going to find out what EJ did! Thank you writers! I hope she makes his life very uncomfortable during the coming months.

Nicole is a match for EJ when it comes to cunning whereas Sami is a twit who believes his phoney Were in this together nonsense, Im a changed man blah, blah... where as Nicole can see through his manipulations.

I thought the show was being extremely sexist by Nicole going to prison and being treated like crap over the baby switch and EJ potentially being written as getting off scot free! So glad we shall be seeing no such thing! We shall also not be seeing EJ confess! You wish! :lol: There is absolutely no story or drama in a confession from a mob boss and frankly its not in their style I dont think...but there is big drama in him being busted! :popcorn:

I dont think Nicole will be the one to publicly expose EJ as that isnt her style...shell use the information to get something for herself and her personal benefit...she may drop hints to Sami just to screw with her head but not enough to give anything away outright shell enjoy watching Sami being played for a fool and EJ squirm too much.

My money is still on Rafe for the final big reveal and the bid to bring EJ to justice...will we see EJ in an orange jumpsuit? One can only hope but I wont hold my breath on that one.

I am so glad Nicole is coming back into the Sydnapping story its been really dead just watching Sami and EJ sit on the Dimera couch and talk about what a great father he is and how much their kids love them.... :sleep:
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