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Also, I heard from a fairly reliable source that when all that went down, Ali was going around the set bragging to people about what she was getting away with, talking about how she had Ed Scott wrapped around her finger and how she could pretty much do whatever she wanted since she was so important to the network with The Biggest Loser, etc.

I was also told that Ken Corday was pissed because NBC wanted him to cater to Ali's every whim and do anything he could to make her happy -- basically treat her like she had all the seniority (even more than Corday himself) simply because the network considers her to be "the face of NBC Daytime." Corday was stuck between a rock and a hard place because of Ali's shenanigans. Ali knew she had the network in her back pocket as well as Ed Scott so she used it to her advantage to "get ahead" (we all know how career/goal-oriented she is) and she started re-writing scripts, walking around the studio with her nose in the air acting like she was completely invincible.

I don't know of any of this is actually true, but it was told to me by a reliable source.
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