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^Seems about right LOL.

I also think (and I, too, don't know if this is true...just speculation based on various things heard around the net) NBC played a role in how the Vendetta story turned out in 2007. That was the beginning of Sami becoming the center of the show and that correlated with her debut on TBL. I would not be surprised if NBC got involved and forced Corday to make Days "The Sami Show," which led to Corday forcing HS to veer from his original plans again after asking him to veer from it before by telling him he could not use the four main vets (John, Marlena, Bo, and Hope).

It sickens me to see how much AS has taken over Days. I may still enjoy the show but I hate how they cater to her every whim by filming around her, which causes characters in her story to be isolated for long periods of time like this past winter. Days didn't even give this treatment to Deidre Hall. Then again, Dee left Days in 1987 but it was clear it wasn't working out. To me, this has never worked out but Days is probably afraid to lay down the law to Ali. I can't blame them. I still think a big reason why they were renewed in 2008 and given the chance to have the year they did in 2009 was AS and her being on TBL. That is probably what perhaps saved the show. NBC sees Days as a way to promote AS and, therefore, TBL, and maybe Ali used some pull to keep the show on the air. This may be why the show is still willing to cave to her every demand.
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