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May 23 2010, 04:56 PM
OK it looks like a lot of discussion about Monday's show has taken over the spoiler threads but hopefully we can move some of that over here...

I really don't get what the show thinks it's accomplishing with how they are writing Sami. I mean as an EJami fan I enjoy them kissing and the sexual tension between them after the kiss, and at the same obviously am not really excited about her declaring her love for Rafe and wanting to give her kids to him STILL, but I don't even know where to begin in processing what the hell these two things being in the same episode is supposed to mean. I guess I'm used to Sami being in denial about her feelings for EJ and resisting him at the same time she's strongly attracted to him so I get that but if Safe is supposed to be the rooting couple, which I actually think they are, what is rootable about Sami and Rafe being together when Sami is being written so fickle or bipolar or sex-crazed that she can't just share a seat on the couch with her ex without trying to jump him, even if after she heads upstairs after being cockblocked by Stefano she says the right things toward Rafe when she has a monologue fantasizing about some unrealistic picture perfect scenario with Rafe and her playing house.

Now I don't claim to have any certainty that the show will actually give me any sort of real EJami payoff based on what we have seen, but Monday's show has given me the impression that Rafe is more of a fantasy than a real love for her. I mean what the hell is she talking about how things will be "perfect" if Rafe is back and they have a family together? If Rafe comes back she'll be splitting up her kids from each other because she won't be living in the mansion any more and her kids will no longer have their parents under the same roof and Sami will have to go back to sharing custody. That's not perfect. She'll also no longer be living in a huge fabulous house with 24/7 maid/cooking service. Sorry, but DAYS hasn't sold me on Rafe's other perfections with his math whiz and FBI jacket-purchasing shit we've only been told about but not actually seen on screen so it just doesn't make any sense to me based on what we've seen why Rafe is such a "perfect" alternative to EJ based on what Sami knows (or doesn't know) about EJ at this point.

It's almost like they are writing Sami fixated on this fantasy to the point that she will drag this on and on and I wonder if by the time she comes around to actually admitting her feelings for EJ we'll be hearing him say, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."

I also wonder what will come of Rafe's big fantasy sequence about finding Sami at the mansion and declaring his love for her given what we know about Sami and Rafe sharing scenes at the DiMansion the week of Alice's funeral according to those scripts that Jason posted. Will things come down like Rafe hoped with him actually having info on EJ or will he come back to find Sami less receptive?
I think Safe stopped being the root for couple the moment Sami started initiating emotional and romantic intimacy with EJ. It's akin to Chloe sleeping with Daniel but still living with Lucas and saying ILU, same thing in my book. Luloe were no longer the root for couple no matter how long it took for the official split to occur, and I now see Safe in that same light. Whether Ejami eventually morph into full couple status or not.

My impression of Sami in Monday's show is that she felt the sting of Rejection when EJ brought issues like "regret the next morning" to the table after their kiss. And in a defensive reaction, she threw her so called love for Rafe in his face, then slammed the door on the way out, a clear indication that she was angry. After which, she then backtrack to clinging to the Rafe fantasy like it's a life jacket.

Rafe's dream implied to me that his fantasy will not match his Reality and what he's expecting to find when he return to town.
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