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Viewing Single Post From: Weekly Discussion: 5/24-5/28

May 23 2010, 09:07 PM
unless Sami is moving to Hong Kong too

How I would celebrate then--not because she would be reunited with Lucas, as I couldn't give a fuck about Lumi, but maybe I could watch the show again without that waste of space clogging up screentime.

I really don't give a fuck about Sami's "reasoning," because it's all bullshit. The point is that the show skips over 95% of all emotional beats and/or anything that stands in the way of the plot. I just find it very, very irritating that Sami--who spent years whining and bitching and crying about how her bio parents should be together and only got over it when she was, like, 30--is completely oblivious to the impact her own multi-baby daddies is having on the two kids whose daddy is conveniently offscreen. Because she's a selfish, immature hypocrite whose major interest is ensuring that, unlike most of her teens and twenties, some dick is interested in her.

But of course, the Plot rule. Days isn't all that different from how any other soap is written in that regard though...

In the current plot, I think Sami is getting a taste of her own medicine from Will, but instead of him ranting about having a nuclear family with Lucas/Allie, Rafe/Safe has become his "stand in" substitute.

Because YES, it's always about the Plot.
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