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May 23 2010, 04:56 PM

I also wonder what will come of Rafe's big fantasy sequence about finding Sami at the mansion and declaring his love for her given what we know about Sami and Rafe sharing scenes at the DiMansion the week of Alice's funeral according to those scripts that Jason posted. Will things come down like Rafe hoped with him actually having info on EJ or will he come back to find Sami less receptive?
Rafe dreamed of reunions with Sami when he was on the boat after almost drowning and those scenes were tame in comparison to the real reunion after she caught him leaving her apartment on November 4th :wub: So I don't think that there is any reason to believe their reunion is going to be disappointing or horrible...based on GGs interviews although they have not been explicit I think they will be still very much in love by the time Rafe returns and may want to get back together but its not going to be automatic or simple....as they have a ton of issues to work through.....

I like that Sami was talking and thinking about a reunion with Rafe whilst all alone in bed at night, she first realised she was in love with him when she was all alone too. I think her talk of feelings, thoughts and desired in private have a definite ring of truth to it because shes saying she wants to get back to Rafe which is her dream whilst acknowledging that EJs been nice too and that she is grateful to him. JMO
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