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May 23 2010, 09:47 PM
May 23 2010, 09:34 PM
May 23 2010, 09:32 PM
I wish thes stupid writers would make up their dam minds. They either need to give us the Ejami story or have Sami go running back to Rafe. I am so tired of Sami claiming to LOVReRafe when we all know She wants to screw EJ. What is going to happen when Rafe returnes? Will Mr. goody two shoes want Sami back because She is living with EJ? I think if Sami dosent make up her mind soon then it will be Sami who is left All alone because EJ and Rafe will be tired of her games.
And truly, that's how it should be.
Sami would NEVER even of dreamed of going back to live at that mansion if not for EJ’s mastermind Sydnapping, false support and empathy then Daddy is dying lie....So I could not care less about his feelings or if he thinks Sami is playing games or not when he is the ultimate player! I hope he gets really stung over this!!!!!

Now as far as Rafe and Sami are concerned they are the star crossed lovers who had started their ‘happily ever after’ when EJ snatched the daughter from Sami that Rafe had JUST returned and hence we have this mess!

Now they’ve got Anna poisoned and Rafe in prison to clear the way for EJ to have Sami.....ugh! :drunk:
EJ is so gonna pay for what He did. When Sami finds out I bet He is gonna wish He NEVER met Her. I can not wait to see how tjis plays out. I was just trying to sat the writers need to either have Sami with EJ or Sami with Rafe. I truly believe Sami has feelings for both EJ and Rafe But tthis story is getting old. How much longer can the writers drag this out?
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