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I don't know what to think of Sami's behavior, words or thoughts most of the time. This is what is really going on with the writing. I went back to read one of Sweeney's translations of the show. If I didn't have her translation, I would have no idea what the fuck was going on with the whole Sami, EJ, Rafe highway to hell. LMAO!

Alison Sweeney:
For her, it's very physical at this point and there's this tension and chemistry between her and EJ," she notes. "But she does still love Rafe, so she is trying to balance that out. So, she's trying to get on with her life and trying to let go of this guy that she has major feelings for. She has this sexual attraction to this guy she's known for a long time who has has two kids and history with and part of her is like, 'Why shouldn't I be with him? The rational part is that he's done tons of stuff to her in the past and there's so much water under the bridge, but she can talk herself into anything..."

Sami told Brady she felt vulnerable being trapped in the mansion being around EJ all the time. It's like Sami is admitting she is powerless to resist seductive charms. Then she told Brady she has to settle down somewhere! WOW! EJ is saying and doing all the right things, at exactly the right time. Vulnerable women tend to act recklessly.

It's all setup so Rafe saves Sami and the kids from the predators, because Sami is a vulnerable, lonely, blonde, irrational bimbo, with no common sense, so she needs saving from herself because she talks herself into this. The reason they have vulnerable Sami moving into the mansion, and falling for EJ's charms, is so that Rafe can come back, try to unbrainwash her, fight for her, save the kids from Stefano, and become even bigger hero. There's nothing to fight for, if Rafe comes back and Sami is waiting for him with open arms. Anna warned Rafe if you want to protect Sami, then why aren't you at home protecting her from EJ? Rafe will be shocked at how much things spiraled out of control while he was gone. Rafe warned Sami not to move into the mansion because her kids will be brainwashed by Stefano. Rafe will be an even bigger hero to Sami when he is proven right about that too, and saves Will. Sami will blame EJ.

Sami will fall for EJ and be conflicted between him and loving Rafe. EJ is painting a perfect picture and Rafe and Sami have problems so she wonders who the right guy for her is. The reveal then makes it's crystal clear who the right guy for Sami is.
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