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All I have to say is if we continue to see GG/LH on every day until Thursday...I just have no idea how the hell they'll keep that interesting until the fun starts.

Chloe vs. Carly was much better than I expected. I like them as frenemies. Chloe had good points about Carly always sticking her nose in, but Carly was also right and not because she's being sanctimonious, but because she's been the one to hide something and knows from experience that its better to tell the truth and let the pieces fall than to live in constant fear. CC played that very well. I liked that her shoulders were still heavy with it when she went back to Bo.

Meanwhile, the stalling with Danloe is just annoying. Daniel, your future wife has made it abundantly clear several times that something has been on her mind that would possibly make you not want to make her your wife. How about you shut up and let her talk? Plot contrivances, oy!

So, Arianna ran with a gang. So she's a next generation April Ramirez? Ok, then. Still meh on this storyline and the screen time these people are getting. Still loving KA's part in the story, though. Her phone conversation with Ciara was so sweet. She's playing the distinction between DT and NT to the hilt.
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