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May 24 2010, 09:08 PM
As for all this Alison Sweeney stuff, its all rumour and hearsay...
I don't think anyone claimed it was the indisputable truth, LoL. I certainly didn't.
but oh wait "my reliable source" told me it was true...GMAFB...everyone on these sites seems to have a reliable source now a days
I don't blame you in the least for having doubts, but the person who told me that was a reliable source. People talk.
My problem is not so much with the fact that there are rumours like this about Alison Sweeney, but it is the general disdain and hatred that people seem to be spewing at her constantly BECAUSE of all this hearsay...it's very high school to me.

I think that is VERY unfair towards the actress, who from my own views, has done nothing publicly to warrant such attacks.

I am not Sami cheerleader nor am I a fan of how she has been written for the last few years, but I find all of this bitterness towards Sweeney to be baseless, cruel and very unfair especially considering there is no concrete proof of anything.

I feel like people are just feeding off all of this and attack her constantly for it.

Its one thing to hate a character (due to lazy and or poor writing) or the show for shoving them in our faces constantly, but it is another to turn all that onto the actor themselves.
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