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May 27 2010, 12:36 AM
AlisonLou, just out of curiosity, why do you think Bo filing for divorce would make you stop watching when Bo sleeping with Carly didn't?

To me, filing for divorce is a lot more understandable and forgivable in their current situation.
I didn't watch Bo sleeping with carly. Who would want to watch that? That wasn't love.
The ratings were bad then and they will continue to be until they reunite Bo and Hope.
The viewers are walking away from this show because they don't like what's on screen.
What's the point in watching a couple that means nothing to alot of viewers compared to a couple who have had 25 years of history and are one of the reasons this show is still on the air.
There is nothing interesting left to watch on this show. It's boring right now.
Divorcing Bo and Hope will be the final straw for most viewers.
I doubt though that it will happen.
Bo cheated and a divorce will not change that.
Dumping Carly, Bo getting his head together and working things out with Hope is what needs to happen.
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