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May 29 2010, 05:50 PM
May 29 2010, 02:14 PM
May 29 2010, 12:41 PM
Hated hated hated every second of that Bo-Melanie scene. It felt like a scene of Bo sucking up to her and this show has entirely too many scenes of people sucking up to Melanie. Like I don't think it was in the most recent show but maybe an episode or two earlier you had that moment of Philip stopping Nicole in her newscast and he was talking about firing Nicole just to give Melanie her job if Princess Melanie suddenly decided that's what she wanted after all? WTF?!
My feelings exactly. When Bo thanked Melanie for "everything she'd done for his family", my first thought was "Does that include sleeping with your niece's fiancee and being a bitch to your daughter?"
Don't forget making porn with his brother and marrying and then emotionally cheating on said brother with his wife's cousin.

That's after getting another one of his wife's cousins shot trying to protect her and then later crazy on pills after he did her a favor in killing Melanie's shitty "dad." But not without also attempting to frame Bo's niece for the murder when she thought she did it.

Oh and who can forget Melanie igniting a huge war between the DiMeras and Kiriakis families that got Bo's niece kidnapped and his brother shot?
You just called that shit. I really enjoyed Friday's show, but the only part that just pissed me off was Melanie...then I read your stuff and I realize how truly fucking annoying that character is.
Forget GG. I truly think that MB is blowing GT! How is it that every character can be traced back to Melanie? How does that happen? Just cuz she is cutesy? Baby voiced?
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