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I think it was slightly amused and she has nice boobs. :lol: Brady walking in on them was hilarious.

What is up with the waredrobe today? Carly's granny dress that made her arms look big. When she isnt but that cut isnt flattering on anyone who isnt a size zero. and Nicole ugly green off the shoulder number? :puke:

I felt sorry for Vivian today. I get she is the source of all evil but I hate the let's pile on just to be mean and catty. very high schoolish. Accept for Maggie none of them bitches are lily white and pure. Kate is an attempted murderer many times over. Chloe is a slut who cheated on her husband. Victor is a mobster and twice as evil as Vivian. Nicole is a convicted criminal. Brady is a drug addict. Carly is sleeping with a married man. Yet they all sit on that pedastal like they are better than Vivian. They would all be joining her on that bus to hell. So they can all STFU!

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