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Why have they turned Justin into a sticky beak?
He was being a bit nosey standing there while Bope were talking about Ciara.
It was none of his business.
Justin's becoming needy, nosy and pathetic around Hope.
I wish they would give him something else to do.
He seems better around Carly. He has an edge when he is around her.
Maybe they should pair up Justin and Carly?
I'd rather Justin and Adrienne. But I think Justin and Carly would make a good pairing.
If the writers looked into their history books it would make more sense for Justin to be going after Carly then Hope. Justin was the one who had a fixation with Carly when he was on his honeymoon with Adrienne.
Justin never really had a thing for Hope. The Justin and Hope angle has sort of come out of nowhere.

These writers don't give a damn about history now. It's all about plots and events rather then the characters. It amazes me how the writers can even write for Days without knowing the shows history.
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